The “Launch the Legacy” Capital Campaign

The Purpose of the “Launch the Legacy” Campaign is to raise funds to increase patron, staff, and artist safety and accessibility while maintaining the structural and historical integrity of the building and the organization.

Community Support is imperative to the continued success of the Fairmont Opera House. Since its inception in 1901, the Fairmont Opera House has relied on Fairmont and the surrounding communities to propel its mission forward. Through the years as the Fairmont Opera House, Haynic Theatre, Nicholas Theatre, and now today as Fairmont Opera House, Inc., we have leaned on and still lean on our members, community supporters, and patrons.

We have again reached a time where we need to ask even more of our beloved supporters. I, along with our Board of Directors, have decided that it is time for a large-scale fundraiser. The Fairmont Opera House is a 116-year-old building that has aged well but is in need of our tender love and care to keep it standing for generations to come.

As well as making repairs to our Opera House, we would like to make enhancements to other portions of the building to increase patron, staff, and artist safety and accessibility. One of these such improvements is the addition of ADA accessibility in the form of ramps, handrails, and an elevator.

To help cover the significant costs associated with these repairs and enhancements, we will need your help. Please consider joining us in building a financial surplus large enough to accomplish our goals. Keep in mind that as a 501C3 organization, you can deduct any donation to the Fairmont Opera House from your taxes.

Remember, this is your Opera House. We are not owned by nor do we receive operating funds from the City of Fairmont, Martin County, or any school district. This building belongs to you, the members of the community.

Blake Potthoff
Executive Director
Fairmont Opera House, Inc.